Anna Goodwin

Communications Coordinator

Anna Goodwin is the Communications Coordinator for the Mary Christie Foundation. In this role, she helps brainstorm and carry out new initiatives, contribute leads and help edit the Mary Christie Quarterly, plan and execute MCF events, and assist in administrative tasks. Anna also serves as Executive Assistant to Fred Chicos, Founder of the Mary Christie Foundation, Founder and CEO of Christie & Associates, and Founder of Christie Campus Health. Anna manages all administrative activities of Christie & Associates, including but not limited to the following: serving as a liaison between the Office of the CEO and employees of all Christie entities; corresponding on matters of importance on Fred Chicos’ behalf; working closely with Mr. Chicos and his CFO on company organization and budgeting matters; working on, analyzing, editing, and submitting projects and proposals of varied complexity; event planning for all Christie entities; overseeing daily operations, including staffing, travel, logistics, home and office organization, phone-answering, email retrieval and submissions, as well as managing Fred Chicos’ personal and work calendars. Anna has been a part of the Christie organization since 2015. Her diverse interests include traveling, cooking, yoga, and childcare. She attended Kivunim, an academic gap-year program based in Jerusalem, Israel, where she studied Hebrew, Arabic, Perspectives of the Middle East, and Civilization and Society, which included studying abroad in fourteen countries. She then went on to study business and Jewish studies at Emory University, as well as nutrition through The Health Sciences Academy.

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