The Quadcast

The Quadcast

The Mary Christie Quadcast is a series of conversations with thought
leaders in higher education and health care on issues
related to the behavioral health, wellbeing and success of students.

Title: Ep 10. President Lee Pelton of Emerson College

Interviewed by: Marjorie Malpiede / 12/22/20


In our second “Quadcast” episode, The Mary Christie Foundation spoke with Will Meek, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Brown University about how he and his staff are supporting students throughout COVID-19 and the upset over continued racial injustice in this country. LISTEN HERE >

For the very first episode of the Quadcast, we host a conversation with Dr. Zoe Ragouzeos, Director of Counseling and Wellness Services at New York University. With the disruption and distress of COVID-19, Dr. Ragouzeos led her team of counselors through the transition to remote mental health services; and the increase and complexity of student mental health issues during this unprecedented time. LISTEN HERE >

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