Active Minds COVID-19 Survey

Dana Humphrey / October 19, 2020

In early October, Active Minds released new data about the mental health impact of COVID-19, showing that students are experiencing negative and worsening mental health affects due to the pandemic. In a nationwide survey of 2,051 college students conducted in September, Active Minds found that students reported experiencing stress or anxiety (87.03%), disappointment or sadness (78.06%), or felt lonely or isolated (77.47%) during the pandemic. Nearly 75% of students reported their mental health has worsened over the course of the pandemic.

The Active Minds Student Mental Health Survey also provided some hope for those concerned about college student well-being. The data showed that students are turning to each other and institutional resources for support during the pandemic. Two thirds of students surveyed report an increase in supporting others with their mental health. Additionally, 27% reported that they have relied on virtual mental health support, including counseling, support groups, and texting support to cope with the pandemic. Other coping strategies include virtual interaction with friends (68.31%), in-person interaction with friends (53.92%), being around pets (53.88%), and receiving support from their families by living at home (40.27%).

Students are also optimistic about the future. Seventy-eight percent of students surveyed said they felt hopeful about their school-related goals and future job prospects.