Mary Christie Foundation names Young Voices Award winner Isabel Lloyd

July 26, 2016

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) student Isabel Lloyd named Young Voices Award winner by the Mary Christie Foundation (MCF)<>

Isabel Lloyd, creator of MIT’s “Tell Me About Your Day” program is MCF’s second Young Voices award winner. Lloyd, an advocate for students with mental health issues, including suicide ideation, launched the program in 2015 following four suicides on the MIT campus.

Compelled to action, Lloyd, who is now a rising junior, printed 200 wristbands with the acronym TMAYD — Tell Me About Your Day — to encourage students to check in with each other, even if it’s just asking how they are feeling.  The campaign was immensely successful, and this fall, the entire MIT class of 2019 will receive a TMAYD wristband.

Through her work, Lloyd has created a greater sense of community on campus while giving students a vehicle to talk honestly about how they are feeling. The campaign has also served to  destigmatizing mental health issues.  Lloyd will tell share story about founding “Tell Me About Your Day” in the September issue of the Mary Christie Quarterly.

“Isabel was able to both help a community cope with loss and shift the campus culture to be more supportive of each other,” Robert Meenan, president of the Mary Christie Foundation, said. “We applaud her project and are honored to name her a Young Voice.”

The Mary Christie Foundation Young Voices Awards are designed to recognize and support emerging leaders who articulate an interesting perspective on a topic related to health and wellness. Winners contribute a column to the Mary Christie Quarterly.