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A weekly roundup of news and research on the health and wellness of young adults.

Diversity and Inclusion
At Penn State, the Center for Women Students has been renamed the Gender Equity Center. “When considering changing the name of the center, we worked to respect the center’s founding mission and devise a way that all our services and programs would continue to support students, yet also reflect the inclusiveness and sense of community of the center,” said Peggy Lorah, Interim Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for Student Affairs.

This week, after lobbying by students and faculty, the name “Calhoun” was removed from a Yale University dormitory. The building was named for John C. Calhoun, a U.S. vice president and a white supremacist who supported slavery.

High school students who identified themselves as low-income, racial minorities, or first in their families to attend college, did far worse on the ACT college entrance exam than those who did not. According to new data, more than four of five test takers who had all three of these “underserved” characteristics showed college readiness on one or none of the benchmarks in English, reading, math and science. Only 9 percent met the benchmark in at least three of the four areas, compared to 54 percent for students who did not mark that they had these characteristics.


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  • MCF Presidents’ Colloquium on Student Health and Wellness

    November 3-4, 2016

    The Mary Christie Foundation presents the MCF Presidents’ Colloquium on Student Health and Wellness – a two-day event designed for college and university presidents to share knowledge and produce new thinking on the expanding array of issues that make up student health and wellness.

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  • Preventing Opioid Deaths Among Young People

    In June, 2105, the Mary Christie Foundation and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation hosted a symposium on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress, their staff, Administration officials and the public.

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