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A quarterly magazine of news, information, and commentary on the issues that impact the health and wellness of college students.


A weekly roundup of news and research on the health and wellness of young adults.

Mental and Behavioral Health

A new study from the University of British Columbia provides evidence showing that sessions with a therapy dog can have a measurable, positive effect on college student wellbeing, particularly on stress and feelings of negativity.  Emma Ward-Griffin, the study’s lead author and research assistant in the UBC department of psychology said, “Therapy dog sessions are becoming more popular on university campuses, but there has been surprisingly little research on how much attending a single drop-in therapy dog session actually helps students.”

Diversity and Inclusion

Christian Picciolini, a former “white power” skinhead who spent his teens and early 20s handing out hate literature at punk-rock concerts, spoke recently with The Chronicle on the reasons racist extremists are now so interested in colleges.  Picciolini leads a very different life today. He is the co-founder of the peace-advocacy group Life After Hate and author of a memoir called White American Youth: My Descent Into America’s Most Violent Hate Movement – and How I Got Out. He uses his story to explain what attracts people to extremist groups and what can be done to dim their allure.


The Mary Christie Foundation’s survey program provides insights and information on a range of student health issues facing administrators and policymakers.

Colloquia and Forums

The Foundation hosts symposiums and forums with thought leaderships and college leadership within a certain field or topic.

  • MCF Presidents’ Colloquium on Student Health and Wellness

    November 3-4, 2016

    The Mary Christie Foundation presents the MCF Presidents’ Colloquium on Student Health and Wellness – a two-day event designed for college and university presidents to share knowledge and produce new thinking on the expanding array of issues that make up student health and wellness.

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  • Preventing Opioid Deaths Among Young People

    In June, 2105, the Mary Christie Foundation and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation hosted a symposium on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress, their staff, Administration officials and the public.

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Awards Programs

The MCF recognizes young leaders and insight generators in the field of student health and wellness. We recognize and engage mid-career leaders, and young adults; and award individuals and teams that have the potential to produce important insights and impacts on topics related to college student health and wellness.

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